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September 20, 2018

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I have a story to tell.

July 16, 2017

Life IS a story.

If only I could write everyday mine would be the best story ever written.

Because it's real, I keep it real. And one way of telling my story, and I do pretty much everyday, is to photograph it. Whether its the morning breakfast scene or the dreaded school run or anytime, I photograph little snippets of my life, with them, that I want to remember forever. 


Most people probably don't get that.

Maybe they're better at locking it in their memory bank than I am. Maybe they don't need the details like I do, but you still have a story to tell.


I never used to feel that way and if I am honest it wasn't really until I started my photographic journey that I even began to think that way. The detail, the totally smallest detail of life now consumes me and I want to capture it all. From the way her hair glows when it blows in the wind and the details of the ice cream she chooses and the way she holds her hand when she's putting on her seatbelt to the dirt in Max's nails and his face when I say yes to him having another 'baba' (bottle, he's obsessed!) and his love for his Panda bear that he takes everywhere and twiddles his fur when he's sleepy.

And then there's the way they love. Yes, they fight, all the time, but they love hard and that's what I want to remember. I am not trying to tell a perfect story, I actually hate the word perfect unless it's describing a good day, but I am trying to tell my story where love is the main component, and love is what makes me the happiest. I love Mark but we fight all the time, because that is love, love is real and it's a beautiful thing to capture when it's right.


It's not only the detail that makes my story real, it's the extreme amount of gratefulness and gratitude that helps me see it.

Everyday I wake up to a new page and everyday I wake up and choose to find something beautiful and worth writing about. That's not to say I don't have bad days, days when I look and can't find it or days when I choose not to, I have them, I am human. But I can honestly say 90% of me has something to tell everyday, something that is driven by love and appreciation. Something that I want to capture and put it in my digital memory bank, so I do. 


Live in the moment. Live in the moment. Live in the moment.

I can't rate it more.


And Let me capture yours.

Let me tell a chapter in your story.

Let me follow you around and photograph this time. This moment of life. I can do that for you, I promise.


We all have a story to tell, this is mine....



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